Activities and Programs

  1. Employment Projects-we are currently running a media project to curb the high levels of unemployment. We also plan to start on other projects like Agriculture, Lending institute to enable youth start and run various projects foe their wellbeing
  2. Leadership Trainings-We run leadership seminars at church and community level quarterly and an annual international youth camp called equip the youth camp Africa that gathers youth from within and outside Africa aiming at developing life long leadership skills for the future.
  3. Aids Awareness-We have partnered with other organizations to sensitize our nation on this killer disease.
  4. Moral Renewal-We aim at imparting Christian values in students mostly. Scheduled school outreach are organized to universities and secondary schools where we counsel, preach and entertain student with Christian guidelines

Every year as part of our programs, we carry out an annual leadership convention that attract over 500 young people in Africa to be equipped...

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