The evangelism ministry is the main outreach arm of Yofochm & consists of seven divisions: Church, Prison, Hospital, School, Street, door to door & open air crusades.We purpose to take the Word of God to the people near or far, out in the open or shut in behind bars: (Matt. 28: 19)

Harvest Fields

There is a tremendous increase in the field of soul harvesting. Our committed young evangelists are being used by God to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to all in communities in Uganda & Africa. At our outreach, the ministry strengthens the available local churches in term of constructions & other assistance. We need our own transport van for our striking team & a sound system for the open air crusades.

The gospel of love;

Material donations are given out at every mission: Gospel Tracts, Bibles, Magazines, Books, clothes, Blankets; mattresses,Shoes or sandals,medical, food, sugar, scholastic materials. Feel free to join us physically, financially or materialistically at bringing souls back to the creator and stand to put a smile on someone’s face out there!

Every year as part of our programs, we carry out an annual leadership convention that attract over 500 young people in Africa to be equipped...

Yes, we really need your help!
To enable us make tremedous differences, we invite you to donate as little as $5. Such contributions go towards...