HIV/AIDS Control Program

Globally, youth is looked at as the future generation hence leaders for tomorrow. If he is not monitored,mentored,looked and cared upon today, he will not get chance of living tomorrow.
Yofochm joined hands to address and be an eradication voice to aids/HIV transmissions among Youth in communities and schools. Outbreaks of HIV/Aids among many Youth in Africa has brought gap in the economic development of our country and lead to cries in many families.

Additionally; early deaths have been registered among victims due to lack of treatment and proper counselling. The victims eventually lose hope thinking that having AIDS is the end of life. This has made suicide activities rampant among those affected with HIV Aids.

To address these issues, Yofochm implemented an HIV/AIDS awareness and control campaign in Uganda as an advocacy project to fight the Aids Epidemic in Africa. HIV/AIDS pandemic not only affect African governments directly (loss of responsible citizens) but indirectly through taking time and resources to care orphans left by the dead.

This proposal discuses the strategies that can be laid to reach youths with the aim to raise funds from individuals, partners, cooperates, NGOs and friends of youths.
It argues that unless the authorities, families, NGOs, institutions, religion address the crisis through reaching out to Schools, high institution, universities, prisons, hospitals, streets and organizing of youthful prevention workshops through  giving basic medical HIV treatments, counselling and testing, music rally, sports gala to empower them with life skills, career guidance, behaviour change or dissemination of important literatures the “crisis” facing contemporary African youth will remain unsolved and possibly worsen.

Yofochm in 2009 with its members and different groups of youths from churches and communities in Uganda launched its HIV/Aids awareness program. This program sensitizes youths on tacts in fighting the epidemic together, counselling and testing activities, and more of abstinence than use of condoms, since we have been under addiction of drugs, pornography, immorality, frustration, indispline and hopelessness for long time with such an experience we therefore have a passion for youths with such social problems, therefore we are initiating a solution through reaching out to the youth through helping them discover the value they have in the community and the new generation of East Africa and Africa at large. This is done by moving in communities, schools, high institution, colleges, universities, communities, prisons and streets to empower youths.

Yofochm regards each youth as a unique and valuable individual who can develop a community with strength and notions; it’s our role and duties to assist, strengthen, actualize and maximize their potentials. Yofochm ensures that the outreach mission is to produce productive youths with a purpose and positive contribution to the overall well being of society and the world at large.

Program GOAL:
To reduce the mortality and ill health of youth due to HIV/AIDS and related diseases.

Program VISION:
To achieve stable, healthy, long life communities.

Objectives OF the Program

  • To empower victims of HIV/AIDS, premature marriage, cross generation sex and addiction to realize what choices they themselves have in the reduction of HIV.
  • To create awareness on the consequences of using condoms so that they have an attitude of abstinence
  • Provide basic HIV/Aids Medical treatments.
  • To empower youth with the skills necessary for job creation so that there is reduction in job seeking intendancy and unemployment.
  • To train in life skills like music, dance, drama and sports to enable them improve, and exploit their talents.
  • To engage in career guidance activities in schools so that students are able to make more informed choices on things regarding their life.
  • To engage in information dissemination through educative films tracts, bibles to increase their knowledge in drugs, premature marriage, prostitution and immoral acts.
  • To engage in extra co curricular activities like sports, music, music, so as to keep their minds busy avoiding idleness which can lead them to psychological torture.
  • To reach out to prostitutes and thugs in streets so that they are aware of what choices they have to take to build themselves.
  • To train prostitute with life skills and vocational skills that will help them to get jobs in order to curb down the increases of prostitution in Africa.
  • To reach out to the youths in prison to encourage them that they may not feel abandoned so as to reduce in the crime rate amongst youths in Africa.
  • To give awards to talented youths so that they exercise their potentials fully so that others are influenced to maximize their potentials.



  • Nutrition
  • STI /Prevention Programmes
  • Support for People with HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness and Advocacy
  • Antiretroviral drugs
  • Monitoring and Coordination Systems for HIV/AIDs
  • Estimating the Potential Consequences of the HIV/AIDs Epidemic
  • Monitoring of risk behaviour patterns
  • Development of Social Indicators to Monitor the HIV Epidemic
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS in the context of Human Development Implications of the Epidemic
  • counselling and testing
  • campaign films and  tracts, bible to young people
  • Skits, singing and dancing.


Target group.
Our target are communities, secondary schools, Universities, Institutes, hostels, colleges, hospitals, prisons, streets and youths between the age of 12 to 35 years of age with the aim of caring out both circular (physical) and spiritual program


  • To have confidence in themselves through the creator in Heaven.
  • To realize what choices they themselves have in the reduction of HIV/Aids.
  • To reduce in Job seeking tendency and unemployment.
  • To enable them improve and exploit their talents.
  • To enable them make more informed choices on thing regarding their life.
  • To increase their knowledge in drugs, homosexuality, cross generation sex, pornography, Alcohol and HIV/Aids.
  • To keep their minds busy so as to eliminate idleness.
  • To create an attitude of abstinence.
  • To develop life skills include leadership, teamwork, self esteem, communication and respect.
  • To reduce in rape and mental illness.
  • To reduce on the crime rate.
  • To curb down the number of increased prostitution in our communities.


Yofochm has so far moved in Kamuli, Mityana, Kayunga, Buikwe, Kampala, Entebbe, Kaliro in Uganda and Visited 10schools and talked to 10,000 youths in total of our outreach. Our team has also travelled to Kenya on research in a region called Eldoret visited slum communities and Moi University and a team of young people who will help us in fulfilling this mission was established.

Recently we were in Uganda for a youth workshop which attracted more than 300 youths from different persuasions who tested and received counselling. This was in help with a branch office of Taso and Uganda Red Cross society.

With the above brief report we have got testimonies of the worst being made the best, amongst these people drug addicted, alcohol addicted, homosexuals, prostitutes, mental ill people, stressed, discouraged, confused and those practicing cross generation sex, and frustrated. Therefore this has motivated us to move in different places in Africa to speak to such people as per our 2011 schedule

Sustainability by 2011 campaign

  1. Provide basic needs in drugs and home requirement for the victims
  2. Emphasis on counselling and testing
  3. establishment of awareness centres
  4. We shall always train teachers in career guidance so that they can continue teaching the students after we have departed.
  5. There will be distribution of books, tracks, educative magazine and bibles which will always guide the students in their life time.
  6. The life skills that will be taught to students will also help them to teach others.
  7. We shall donate balls to youths, which will keep them in interaction with others.
  8. Job creation will reduce in unemployment in the community and this will minimize rural urban migration with its social problems.
  9. We shall equip youths with career guidance that will enable them chose better choices in life.
  10. The training offered shall help them have a stable and moral family.
  11. Dissemination of literatures will help them have guideline concerning life.
  12. Fellowships introduced, will help them have important friends and avoid peer pressure

Currently Yofochm works with Africa harvest mission, different churches and individuals.

Resources needed.

  • Man power To train others who will help in extending the mission
  • Establishing offices(VCT Centres) in different areas of outreach to ensure proper mobilisation and assistance in free counselling and testing activities
  • Provision of ARVs & VCT Kits
  • Allowances for the volunteers
  • Sound system
  • Van

Also Funding is required for our VCT centers to be opened/launched:

  • HIV/AIDS impact assessment
  • Training of peer educators, counselors
  • Supply of ARVs or subsided supply of ARVs
  • Home based care kits
  • Initial capital injection for community health projects such nutritional gardening chicken projects
  • Video camera and photo camera to help us keep records.
  • Finances for media publications


Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Meeting local and school leaders in charge of this program for up dates


  • There will be records keeping of every expenditure in every place we go to during the ministry; the receipts will be recorded to ensure accountability.
  • Attendance list will always be kept.
  • Photographs and videos will be taken and kept.
  • A member of staff will be in charge of getting feedback on the ministry performance, which is to say how students have responded to the teachings through seeing their performance and behavior.


  • In every mission we shall work with existing fellowships in institutions and churches.
  • A monthly evaluation will be carried out to assess progress of the project; the ministry will also provide a well-audited report at the end of every year to account for the way the funds have been used.
  • An impact assessment will be carried out to assess how the project has impacted the life of youths before and after analysis will be carried out and a report will be written.


Awareness Campaign:

The VCT outreach is done on a weekend that is Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Training of counsellors, peer educators, workshops in counselling and guidance.


09:00am           A Youth Aids Free Charity Walk; For All
02:00pm           AIDS/HIV Awareness Workshop:

  • Testimonies.
  • Presentations (awareness, control measures).
  • Voluntary counselling And Testing.


03:00pm           Abstinence Musical Gala:

  • Prominent Musicians.
  • VCT Centre establishment & Launch


We as Yofochm, believe that with the help of God, your prayer and financial assistance we shall be able to raise up a generation which is moral, sensitive, motivated, strong with ideas, job creators, full of purpose and bearing a vision but not a dream, this will only happen through having a youth program on radios and reaching out to youths in high schools, colleges, universities and institutes.

The music galas “which sometimes is the language that they hear most”, dance and drama, will help them get exposed and discover their talents and also leave no room for idle and disorderly mind in order to live a life free from HIV, premature marriage, cross generation sex, promiscuity, homosexuality, early unwanted pregnancy and purely undefiled life.

With universities we expect to invite popular gospel singers in order to have a music rally to capture youths for the mission.


Please consider the Yofochm HIV/AIDS Awareness Program in Schools/Communities-Africa program in any financial grant support.

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