Youth For Charity Mission International

As a charitable local & youth NGO, WE hope to achieve alot for our communities & young people in AFRICA. BUT we can not do this alone, we need combined efforts through membership commitments in financial, spiritual and physical support. We thus take the pleasure to invite ALL people of good will, christian and non, to consider becoming YOFOCHM prayer, finanancial or member partner. 2014 - 2016 are yet other years of making tremedous differences in lives of the impoverished, alot of exciting and life changing programs and projects for young people in Uganda are sought to be realised. We would want you to be a part.

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Students, NGOs, Companies, Parents, old and young, female and male all participate in giving young people chances in life they deserve. SPREAD THE KINDNESS!

Let us make this world a better place for our young people. We welcome you to volunteer or partner with us through the coming years. Our heart is to fully establish a youth resource centre in the capital of Uganda. SPREAD THE KINDNESS!

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Join & take part in changing people’s Lives. If you are open to personal development & new experience, Yofochm is definitely for you. This is an inspiring, motivating, life changing, exciting experience and fun where you will make a difference; children, animals & local communities all benefit from your efforts.
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Every year as part of our programs, we carry out an annual leadership convention that attract over 500 young people in Africa to be equipped...

Yes, we really need your help!
To enable us make tremedous differences, we invite you to donate as little as $5. Such contributions go towards...