Yofochm – Uganda invites willing and able volunteers worldwide to help in the following areas;
i)Evangelism, ii)Membership,iii)Fundraising,iv)Project/Mission,v)Administrative, vi)Annual youth Camp, vii)Coordination, viii)Kamuli orphanage centre, ix) Website

The ultimate goal of this Volunteer Program is to give the Ugandan communities the necessary tools to help themselves. Your time, talent and contribution can help us do that. Through our resources and your involvement, together we can better the lives of the rural areas in Uganda & Africa. Volunteer programoffers the unique opportunity to personally experience the richness of Uganda communities while having a direct influence on improving the quality of life.

Desired Competences:

-Mature Christian that can be trusted.
-Strong desire to serve God unconditionally

Volunteer Activities
  • Train our team in administrative & research work
  • Register members for yofochm in your area & coordinate youths for our activities
  • Offer Donations of any kind to the ministry.
  • Evangelize in schools, prison, communities, hospitals & others
  • Offer Scholarships to any of our supported children
  • Offer leadership & technical skills to young people in our camp
  • Teach & coach in sports & mdd.
  • Website update

Yofochm puts no restriction on eligibility of female or male to volunteer in any capacity. All  from any country are free to apply.
Students are also encouraged to apply. For further info, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR call: +256 392 839977, + 256 772 053408

Get Involved Form

Join & take part in changing people’s Lives. If you are open to personal development & new experience, Yofochm is definitely for you. This is an inspiring, motivating, life changing, exciting experience and fun where you will make a difference; children, animals & local communities all benefit from your efforts.
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