Since 2008, 0ur overall objective is to help young people find value in society and for God. And our vision is to raise a God fearing youth generation for national development.

Besides our evangelistic, charity, skills training & leadership programs, YOFOCHM is working tirelessly to support the empowerment of girls and young women in Uganda through education sponsorships, hygiene supplies and advocacy programs.

This is because most Girls living in Uganda face a number of challenges that affect their well-being, development and future. Those attending school often face menstruation cycles with no provision of sanitary kits and gender bias dictated by our culture from the past. In poorer or more rural families we serve, it is more difficult for girls to attend school, as education is often considered only important for boys.

Girls in Uganda are more likely to drop out of school, marry early, and experience poverty than their male counterparts. We thus intervened, providing hygiene supplies to over 500 needy girls annually with the aim of keeping them in school,

Through the generosity of our friends, we pay school tuition to some needy girls, provide mentorship and we organize nationwide campaigns for the awareness of the dignity & equal rights of a girl child in our society.

In our society, where girls are regarded bride materials, denying them access to education; we advocate & empower our societies to support girls that they may fully participate in the social, economic and spiritual development of their communities.

Sanitary supplies also make our girls attend class with comfort and confidence. Many lives of girls have been impacted, from graduating to securing important positions in the society.

We thus appeal to all people of good will to consider partnering with us either monthly or annually to help us cater for the day today ministry needs. A donation of as low as $15 dollars buys re-usable pads (used for the whole year) for 5 girls while as $30 contributed monthly supports the welfare & education of one needy child (a girl/or a boy) in Uganda. Your donation creates a generation of current and future leaders in Uganda and the world at large.

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With any one time, monthly or annual donation, you support the smooth running of our program activities.

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