Kamuli, Eastern Uganda, Saturday, 19. December. 2020
Bussi Island (Wakiso), Central Uganda, 2021 (Dates – TBC)
Kampala, Central Uganda, 2021 (Dates – TBC)

To create awareness of the dignity & equal rights of a girl child in our society, where girls have been regarded bride materials, denying them access to education, this event is organized. The one-day girl’s event advocates & empowers our societies with important skills & tools needed in supporting girls that they may fully participate in the social, economic and spiritual development of their communities.

The event attended by over 3000 participants both male & female students, heads of school in the region, parents, regional and local leaders, gives us the opportunity to de-campaign the violence and abuse against girls and young women and we equally provide basic knowledge, career, emotional, spiritual guidance to participating girls, and youths.

We also share on our Godly values & inspire girls / youths into living a life that God purposed for them to live and we counsel, pray & dedicate their lives unto God.  Activities such as: A Girl Child Charity Walk, VCT, Health / Reproductive workshop, Mentorship, Life Skill, Career Guidance talks are conducted on top of a Charity Music Concert, and Donation of Re-Usable Sanitary Kits to Needy girls that take them through the year. To make this event a success, we call upon organizations / individual interested in partnering with us for the empowerment of girls / women in Uganda to subscribe as participants, volunteers, facilitators, sponsors or Ambassadors in their respective communities for the mobilization of resources i.e. finances needed in running this important event. Students from Universities all over the world are encouraged to register as volunteers for this life time experience in Uganda.

The event budget that shoots USD 1200 caters for: Venue, Public Address System, Stage, Drinks, Lunch, Sanitary Kits, Brass Band, Security, Certificates, Event T-shirts, Ambulance/Fist Aid, Musicians, Facilitations to VCT teams, others.