The program actively mobilizes and engages boys and men in the fight against gender inequalities, and involve them in tackling issues of reproductive health and sexual rights.


  • Capacity development and community empowerment for men on gender-based violence and equal rights opportunities for girls and women i.e. for employment, education and positions of leadership in their respective communities.
  • Sensitization and training of men on reproductive health and sexual rights including prevention of STI’s and HIV/AIDS and empowering them in identifying and caring for the hygiene of girls and women in their communities. Strengthening the capacity of men into reproductive health has improved reproductive health, sexual rights and maternal services in communities we serve.


  • We conduct training of trainers to ensure sustainability of capacity development activities
  • We conduct training and sensitization of both boys and Men on matters of reproductive health and sexual rights. These are then sent out as our ambassadors!

Are you interested in supporting and partnering with men to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of women in rural communities of Uganda? Do you want to help us continue preparing and engaging men in ensuring good maternal and reproductive health for women and involve them in all health care decisions through our capacity development and community trainings, Donate towards the Man Up program today by using the button below or use the contact form.