One of the most vulnerable stages in a girl’s life is during their menstrual period. To obtain sanitary pads, several teenagers are engaging in high-risk activities amidst COVID19 times. We are so glad to work with NEW LIFE CHURCH to provide hygiene products & feed families in Kampala slums and Kamuli District in Uganda amidst Covid19.

We have been able to distribute essential items such masks, sanitary pads, soap, food to girls/young women and young mothers in slum areas of Kampala and needy communities in Kamuli

In Kamuli, a total number of over 100 girls recieved masks and re-usable pads that take them through a period of two years. And 179 families recieved food items, soap and masks. We are so thankful to the generosity of all people of good will who donated t the Youth for Charity relief fund, our local members in Uganda and the family of New life church of Jesus Christ, Tulsa- Oklahoma in USA for making this possible. Thank you, Mama Clevetta & Papa Rodney Gray. Details on the Kamuli Outreach:

On the other hand, Several families we managed to visit recieved bedding i.e mattresses and blankets. One family that caught our attention was of old persons who have a challenge to feed and accommodate comfortably. Thank God, our team is organizing to support these old persons with food, and other essentials on a monthly basis. Find the full story on these old people below;

From our last weekend relief activities, we learnt of two families of extremely elderly / old people. One we visited and witnessed how the grand children were sleeping in a ramshackle state and they needed bedding. Another family is an old woman, who on the first day of our give away traveled almost a kilometer to come at the center and benefit from the donations. Unfortunately, she came late, and she was shifted to a second batch which received relief on the following day. Our intentions were to take the relief to her home that following day but at our surprise, she showed up and we had no chance to visit her home as we had planned. I was touched by what people said about her and her husband, and how everyone wished she received the donation. But nevertheless, when we planned to give one of the family with grand children bedding, we sought it wise to include a few other families including hers. And today we visited her.

She is in her 80s, and amazingly living with her husband who is equally old in his 90s. We reached there very early in the morning knocking onto their small house which we learnt was constructed for them by one of an area member of parliament. They thought there was trouble, but miracle had set in.

The two are Moslem but on realizing we were the people who gave them relief last weekend, old grand mama said, Yesu yebazibwe, Mukama mulungi – meaning, Praise Jesus – God is good. She continuously thanked us for all that we did the past weekend and said: “The food is so sweet, though it will get over soon” She also told us the soap has been helpful. How sweet we felt seeing such smiles onto their faces, and listening to their appreciative commentary. Glory and Honor to God. Hallelujah

They continued to narrate their story on how they are battling to feed, no lights, having problems to fetching water, and their small house sinking in water because there is no proper trench to take away water during heavy rains. We promised by the grace of God to do something but among our immediate pledges were providing them with food on a monthly basis, salt, soap among other basic needs. So help us God… In future we think, we can give them a better small but beautiful structure with leveling of their compound to avoid water getting into their house.

These are old persons that have no children, and were they are is a land that the husband bought some years ago when he still had energy. We gave them bedding, and above all said a prayer unto them for God to save them, heal them but also provide the necessary basic needs.

Thank you all for praying and supporting our mission, together we change lives. Attached are some of the photos from the state our people have been sleeping!